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The Lawless Wild, Wild West of Trinity County, CA (in the on going voter fraud case)

The following article is a startling rebuttal to the pro-abortion mantra "My Body - My Choice."

Parents Beware of California Health Curriculum

Alien Column Soft Invasion - Understanding the Caravan - The Map Says It All - Kris Kobach - Breitbart - 5 December 2018

Why Eagle Forum is True Legacy of Phyllis Schlafly

Talking Points Against SB3157.pdf

 Constitution Celebration on Sept. 15, 2018

Save Our State Conference

Fall Newsletter

Help Restore Our 2nd Amendment in California

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                Programing our children isn't new!                         

California Dynasty of Communism 1962

CA Dynasty - We the People Radio  

(George Washington's Farewell Address)

Black Robed Regiment, February 19, 2018.pdf

The Decay of Conscience - President Charles G. Finney - The Independent - New York, December 4, 1873

Sin of Silence - Dr. Laurence White - September 6, 2000

What is the Frankfurt School? - Dr. Gerald Atkinson - 1999

Mega cities and regional government - SCAG. Southern California Area Government

California’s Common Core Mistake

Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure

Issues of Concern!

Election CAN's + CAN'ts for CHURCHES + PASTORS

Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against US

NOTE: There are doctors who do not believe that vaccines are anything but good, but it is human nature to make mistakes. Also it is human nature to protect yourself from financial ruin. Please examine the facts. See VAXXED the movie

ALERT - UN Rights of the Child Bill and SB 18 - NOT GOOD

Tribute to Phyllis Schlafly

Screens In Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax

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