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Eagle Forum of California

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Heather Gass
Northern California Vice President - Eagle Forum's front line fighter against the unconstitutional One Bay Area Government


Heather Gass is a wife, mother, realtor and tireless activist for private property rights and liberty. Prior to becoming a property rights activist Heather was a network engineer for over 17 years. She is the author of three technical books and dozens of IT training videos, which have been translated into over 7 different languages and are currently used by colleges and IT professionals worldwide. During her high tech career she specialized in protocol analysis and IP Routing. After Heather had her son she retired from the IT industry and became a realtor. Heather is also a member of a non-partisan group called Citizens Town Hall. This group holds town hall meetings about the One Bay Area Plan among other topics. Citizens town hall has helped inform residents all over the Bay Area about the dark side of Sustainability.

Barbara Decker
Southern California Vice President - Eagle Forum's front line fighter in "Protection of Children": Protecting the children and allowing them to grow up as children.


I have always been active in politics but after the 2008 election I got involved in every aspect; I joined every conservative group I could find, campaigned for candidates, studied the Constitution and attended many protests that would limit government, lower taxes and promote free enterprise. I learned about U.N. Agenda 21/ sustainable development and educated many people in San Diego about it. I am the legislative chairperson for a local group of conservative women.

When I found out that no one was running against my assembly member, I decided to run in Assembly District 78. I received the local Republican endorsement but that was it so I ran a lean campaign and almost 40% of the voters voted for me that is pretty good considering my opponent got over two million. My focus has shifted to protecting the children and allowing them to grow up as children, unimpeded with the forces working against them to rob them of their innocence.


Bonnie O'Neil
Southern California Vice President - Dedicated to America's Constitution and Liberty


While raising her three sons, Bonnie became uncomfortable as she began seeing so many negative changes happening to the America she loved. It began as she saw problems in the public school her boys attended, and then she became alerted to a growing liberal agenda occurring throughout the country. Bonnie began attending various meetings and conferences to learn more about the reasons and causes for this shift from proven conservative values. The more she learned, the more concerned she became. She began to warn others and did what she could to make a positive difference in her community. She became president of her boys parent/teacher group. She joined political activist organizations like Eagle Forum and has been a member and officer of Ca Eagle Forum for over two decades. She organized conferences for the purpose of educating and energizing the community to become politically active. She developed a political activist program to send important action alerts. She has worked with a Voter Integrity group, which helped to “clean up” voter registration rolls. She currently is working with a “messaging” group to help conservative candidates win elections. She has been on Calvary Chapel Women’s Board since 1978, and is the Vice President of Newport Harbor Republican Women. 



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