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“For God, Family and Country”
The word “EAGLEs

Educating Assuring the right of parents, not government to choose and guide the education of their children.

Affirming The right of individuals to be protected and unencumbered from the strains and limitations of abusive and excessive government.

Giving Both monetarily and in service to the conservative movement and to community-based volunteer groups, also in providing pertinent information on issues and topics.

Leading Through coalitions and networks, workshops and training seminars. Eagle Forum has always been at the forefront leading the conservative tide sweeping the U.S.                 

Effecting Government policy and building relationships with legislators, co-sponsoring legislation and legislative alerts along with lobbying groups.


The word “EAGLE” stands for:
EAGLE FORUM Of California


  • The United States Constitution

  • A Constitutional Republic not a democracy

  • Less government, less taxes and more individual  responsibility

  • National sovereignty

  • Protection of our borders

  • Protection of property rights

  • Marriage between a man and a woman

  • The sanctity of human life

  • Parental rights over the raising and educating of children

  • Free-enterprise and a free market

  • Policies that stimulate economic growth and prosperity

  • Fair trade policies that protect U.S. jobs

  • Solid academics and basic education



  • UN Agenda 21 and its attack on the USA

  • Membership in ICLEI for U.S. cities

  • Redevelopment Districts that create blight

  • Smart Growth, Smart Meters, Smart Grid

  • Cap and Trade Control of Energy

  • The formation of regional government

  • Any attempt to destroy U.S. Sovereignty and form a North American Union

  • A transatlantic partnership with the EU

  • “New World Order” interventions

  • Real ID, Pass ID, or any national ID card

  • NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA, and any trade agreements that is not fair or free

  • Illegal Immigration

  • Abortion and embryonic stem-cell research

  • Same-sex marriage

  • Socialized medicine such as Obama Care

  • Tax increases

  • Any form of top-down, federal education curriculum and standards such as Common Core; federal standardized testing, outcome-based education; psychological testing, sex-ed that does not include the teaching of abstinence, IBO schools and any school that promotes global citizenship, the Earth Charter and the worship of mother earth.

Eagle Forum of California is your grassroots conservative voice.
You too can participate in self- government!
You can make a difference!
Come and Soar with the Eagles!
Join Eagle Forum today and become part of the solution.
“Eagle Forum has set a high standard of volunteer participation in the political and legislative process…You’ve been out front on so many of the most important issues of our time… Your work is an example to all those who would struggle for an America that is prosperous and free…Our nation needs the kind of dedicated individual volunteer service you and Eagle Forum have demonstrated over the last 20 years.  God bless all of you for your dedication to God, Family and Country.” 
            President Ronald Reagan    
      Orlean Koehle, Phyllis Schlafly  
      California President National President   
Eagle Forum’s Mission
Our mission is to enable conservative and pro-family men and women to participate in the process of self government and public policy making so that America will continue to be a land that values individual liberty, property rights, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue, and the free enterprise system.
Eagle Forum of California is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization of men and women whose motto is “for God, Family and Country.” Our members are dedicated to preserving the political, economic and social principles upon which our nation was founded.  Our achievements have proven that citizen volunteers can determine government policies in Congress and in California, elect statesmen at every level of government and effectively communicate to the public and the media the principles for which we stand.
*Membership Application       CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE FORM
“You too can fly with the Eagles” by joining an effective state and national organization of like-minded men and women who share your same conservative and pro-family values.   
As a member of Eagle Forum you will meet and be in contact with local, state and national leaders, who support Eagle Forum policies and strive to protect the United States Constitution.

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